A tree is making neighbors in a Tempe neighborhood a little uncomfortable, Phoenix television station KPHO reported. It’s not so much the tree as tree, it is the sculpture that resulted after the tree was “trimmed” or cut down.

“It’s extremely inappropriate,” neighbor Annette Willis said.

Sort of the same principle

Actually, the tree itself is scattered in pieces throughout homeowner Adam Starr’s backyard. It’s the 8-foot stump still standing that has captured everyone’s attention. I don’t have a picture of it to publish that doesn’t have the “top” of the tree blurred out.

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” said neighbor June Thompkins. “It’s funny.”

The 35-foot pine tree behind Starr’s house died and needed to come down, so he asked a friend to chop it down. As a bonus, the friend left behind a one-of-a-kind sculpture in the shape of a male body part, sort of like the Washington Monument but more biodegradable.

“I thought he was going to carve something,” said Starr, “but I didn’t think he would carve this.” It is still unclear if the artist worked from memory or from fantasy although there had been some talk that he consulted a teen-age boy who was reading “Harry Potter” at the time. This report however, is unconfirmed.

Starr admits he’s a little surprised by all the attention his tree sculpture is getting. The unique piece of woodwork has been up for three weeks and can be seen from anyone passing by his neighborhood. So far it hasn’t cause any serious accidents, just envy and a sense of inadequacy I suppose. However, Starr has no intention of keeping it up (to coin a phrase).

The City of Tempe has cited him for having a dead tree, that must be removed by next Wednesday. Starr plans to cut the tree down over the weekend. (There are too many jokes to be inserted here, I will restrain myself)

“I was thinking with all the media coverage, I might put it up for auction on eBay and donate the proceeds to charity,” Starr said.

That’s a thought Adam, though I was thinking more of a fountain thing, maybe, sorta…

And so it goes. More Story and convo here