I love this time of the year, “carnival”, Fat Tuesday or if you are Irish, Pancake Tuesday, whatever you call it it is the day before 40 days of fasting begins. So where are we today? Well over the weekend in between downhill racers and hockey came the duel on the Sunday morning shows between former vice-president, Dick “Shooter” Cheney and the present occupant of the Naval Observatory house (no longer blurred out on Google Maps), Joe “What did I say?” Biden. It was kind of fun to see Joe up there at the Olympics saying that Dick Cheney had no right to rewrite history. And Dick, for his part actually came very close to admitting a war-crime by saying “I was a fan of water boarding and enhanced interrogation techniques.” Yes, as political theatre, it was cool.

Joe and Dick

I don’t know if there was a score keeper, but I’d call it a draw. The reason I say that is that Dick sounds like during the second term of GWB, people weren’t listening to him and for a moment…just a crazy moment, I felt sorry for him. He mentioned a “shoot-out” in the Roosevelt Room concerning detainees and how to move “forward.” Poor choice of words. Harry Whittington can attest to that.

But you know, the bottom line, it sounded like Dick was a little more adult on ABC. Maybe when he’s not on FOX he gets to hang out with the big people and talks differently.

So tonite, have a pancake get ready for 40 days of fasting until Easter greets us and the hope of co-operation can make another a run. Meanwhile Dick can try and re-write history and Joe can try to say the right things. Whatever the case may be, keep watching the tube, great entertainment.