I don’t have a stake in late night T.V. so take these comments with a grain of Leslie Salt (now the Cargill Company of Redwood City or something). Whatever, after seeing the interview with the owner of the known world and Stedman, Oprah, I can’t help but think that Leno is full of crap. He comes across as the innocent victim in all of the late night shenanigans but I am not so sure. Over the course of the last few weeks when the whole drama played out on network TV, he seemed to be above it all. Not so fast, Gertie.

Conan the Barbarian

Way back in 2009 Leno called O’Brien “certainly the most deserving person for the job.” Graciousness. What I think O’Brien brought was a younger brand of humor that would, in time, begin to appeal to the masses. The greying of the viewing audience who grew up with Johnny Carson, or if I can speak frankly, Steve Allen leaned toward Leno I believe and that is one of the reasons Leno is back at 11.35 p.m. But as for me, I like sophomoric humor like Letterman who is crazy as a fox and O’Brien’s humor is not far behind.

But it’s not up to me anyway. I am not a Nielson family, so it is no wonder no one has called me for my advice and wisdom. On his final night, Mr. O’Brien had the biggest total audience of his tenure with 10.3 million viewers, well above the 9.2 million who watched his first “Tonight Show” on June 1. The move was nothing personal, it was just business. Well we’ll see. The late night battles continue and you know what’s a great alternative? Jimmy Kimmel. Now if only ABC would get rid of Night-Line and start with Kimmel at 11.35. I stay up for that.

Oh yeah, by the way there was an earthquake in Haiti, another one in China, and the Us is selling arms to Taiwan and there’s something wrong with the economy…film at 11.