I wish I could move on, but I cannot. On his Wednesday address to the nation President Obama directed pointed remarks at the conservatives on the Supreme Court by lambasting them on their overturn of precedent ruling that that corporations were persons.

The best money can buy

As Senator Pat Leahy said in his first criticism in 36 years of the Supreme Court’s decision, “A thin majority of the Supreme Court, made possible by President Bush’s appointment of Justice [Samuel] Alito, has thrown out important parts of the law and run roughshod over a long line of longstanding Court precedent,” Leahy said. “This is the most partisan decision since Bush v. Gore. That decision by the activist conservative bloc on the Supreme Court intervened in a presidential election. This decision is broader and more damaging in that they have now decided to intervene in all elections.”

I can only concur. I just don’t get it. They call corporations and unions people when there is a strong dichotomy between the two. I see unions as democracy wherein the members of the union have a say in who governs, where as a corporation is like a kingdom with the CEO is the king. It isn’t the workers within a corporation who “vote” for the king, the upper-class owners do, the shareholders. So there really is a difference. And since the half-blood princes of foreign corporations are so connected with their American half-brothers that it would be all but impossible to keep that foreign money out of politics. (For example, NewsCorp a US corporation’s majority stock holder is a Saudi Prince and Citgo, although chartered as a U.S. corporation is really owned by Venezuela and Hugo Chavez)

None of these justices have served in a public position. The dissenters all have had some public service, may be that had something to do with it.
These guys became the type of judges the right wing abhors, activists… the end is near brothers.