This is one of the points President Obama touched on last night in his State of the Union Speech,,,the tone of our politics. He blames it on, “a deficit of trust — deep and corrosive doubts about how Washington works that have been growing for years,” and it continues. Perhaps a screeching halt would be in order. A time to take time, perhaps for lawmakers and judges to reflect on why they serve.

I can See my House from Here

Nothing this President has proposed pleases the wing-nuts and nothing will in the future. So with that said he continued without the usual blustery “The state of our Union is strong!” as so many of his predecessors have done. No what he did last night is to lay out for the country, just what has happened over the past year, some good and some not so good. What was different was the emphasis on what needs to be done if Americans can regain faith in their government. What was missing was pointing the finger outward to Osama bin Laden as the boogie man for all our ills. His speech seemed to be rational and coherent without the usual fear mongering that we are so accustomed. No, responsibility to make the “union strong” falls on all of us. It is a collective responsibility we cannot shirk. We are Americans in the thick of it, not bystanders like the nuffs on FOX, or nuffles like Bayner from his tanning bed.

You know and I know that government is imperfect at best and messy at it’s worst. But it is not a time to demagogue and tear down everything that is proposed by this government. Shouting and fist wagging and wearing tea bags on your hats doesn’t do it. We need to ALL do it. So that challenge is, when those wing-nuts on the right complain and wring their hands about this or that bill, have them also come up with an alternative/ When anyone complains how President Obama is creating a socialist state, then they need to explain themselves and offer an alternative. If they cannot, they have my permission to shut the hell up.

The state of the Union, then can be very very strong.