Yesterday on the Fox “News” dot com website, Ferrara’s column entitled “Sarah Palin Outsmarts the Left” he calls her resignation as Governor of Alaska, “…a brilliant liberating move for her career, and a potential turning point for the national conservative movement.” Well if by quitting she becomes viable and enriching for the conservative movement, imagine if she resigned as Vice-President…wow the world would thrive and lions would lie down with lambs and everything would be just peachy. I wonder if it was liberating for Alaskans as well?

oooo...she soooo purty

He goes on to say that “…(the) state (Alaska) is so far away from the rest of America. No one hears of the good work she has been doing there, and the left is free to paint their own false caricature of her. And because of the long distance and her family, as well as governing, responsibilities, she can’t get down to the lower-48 enough to build her national political presence. I wound why, then did she run for governor? I just don’t get that argument and Peter, I’m not sure you believe it yourself. Although somehow, he sounds a little bit too giddy to be objective. Maybe because she is in the same building, he thinks he has a chance for a date to the prom.

One of his points about the exciting move of Ms. Palin from Wasilla to the Big Apple is “She should also lead the nation’s mothers to oppose mandating replacement of incandescent light bulbs with the new mercury poison gas bulbs.” Wow, now that is a cause. I see a platform plank in the offing and so does Pete.

I’m sorry, Peter, but can you actually see sunlight from where your head is? And how do you walk without running into things. Palin, for all her charm and folksiness, is a light weight who thinks Reagan was a brilliant statesman, and thinks a fist is stronger than a hand. She needs to study up on geography and civics first. She is just too flaky to hold down a job for more than 16 months at best.

But here’s hopin’ Pete, maybe you can get the same lunch period in the canteen with Sister Sarah, now don’t drop your pudding, that is so uncool.

By the way I joined Fox Nation just to harass some of the comments. I know, I know, but you have to remember, I have a ton of time on my hands…