I hear that Sarah Palin is going to be a contributor to FOX’s cable channel, I think it is called ‘news’ but I think that wouldn’t really be fair nor balanced nor true, even.  So Sarah-the-Quitter joins the pantheon of  Tucker Carlson and Dana Perino, Ann Coulter and Carl Rove, John Bolton and Dick Morris. (Are we sure this isn’t the Cartoon Network?)

You Betcha'

I’m happy that she found a job. Since she left the statehouse in Juneau to do what is good for “Alaska” she landed in New York. By the way, what HAS she done for Alaska since she left office? Yah, me neither. I wonder if Todd will go fishing in the East River now.

Sister Sarah from Wasilla has gone big time. This former Catholic turned evangelical is just what FOX needs. (Seems she has trouble with staying with a Religion too). I am mildly amused that over the course of her flash in the pan activities, she never missed a chance to slam the ‘media’ in nearly every speech from the stump. Yet while criticizing the media, she would grant interviews with the media, then smash the media again. Well now she is off to FOX which, in spite of the fact that the cable network is not news, is still the media. Here is a woman who didn’t know that Korea and North Korea were two separate countries, nor did she know that Africa was not a country, but a continent. She is either very dumb or very lazy or missed her history and/or geography classes in school. She also believed that Saddam was behind the 9/11 attacks. She did go to school, didn’t she? Of course she did, she’s on FOX now…so ‘fair and balanced’ welcome the new ‘fair and balanced.’ She used to complain that the media ‘ just made stuff up’ well she should fit right in with the half-truth and out right lies that fly every day seven days a week at FOX. She will probably think it is the truth. This ought to be fun.

Does her finding a job mean that unemployment is going down under the Obama administration?