Criticism without solutions is a lot of heat with no warmth. Part of the job of the right wing nut jobs is to foment an “us” against “them” mentality, one of Kohlberg’s more infantile stages. Without providing concrete solutions, they seem to harken back to a time when they were kids maybe to a time when they were in Junior High. That time when so much takes place in a young persons life. The world seemed to be OK then, even magical to some.

Hey look, I'm a Toys r us kid!

I can remember when I was growing up in San Francisco, and how things seemed to be OK. My world was my block, my school and the El Rey theatre on Ocean Ave. I can remember seeing the “African Queen” and coming home and building a replica of the “Queen” in my backyard and sailing down some river, maybe the Amazon toward some imaginary adventure. It was fun, it was innocent.  Meanwhile I was unaware that the House UnAmerican hearings were going on down at City Hall, that people were building bomb shelters in their back yards for that inevitable day when buttons would be pushed by someone in a far away place with a foreign sounding name. Or that in London the great smog hit and killed 4,000 people. The first hydrogen bomb detonated by the U.S. and a few things I left out. But as a kid none of that was important. Mildly interesting, but not important.

As a kid I was housed, I was cleaned, I was cooked for. I didn’t have many cares or worries, just the normal things like passing the spelling test or hoping ‘Gladys’ would notice me and at the same time trying my best at sports. Christmas was for me, for kids. Of course the world was simpler and values were taught. We were kids!

But Glenn, Sean and Billy think we should still be in these kid-times, as adults. I’m not sure it works that way. I think, in time, we grow up and take on the responsibility of adults, making adult decisions. It was a great time and we still can have that child with in us. Paul tells us “when I was a child, I thought and acted like a child…” later on he says “it’s time to put away childish things…” That, I am afraid is the problem for Glenn, Sean and Billy. I have to cut Hannity some slack though, because I don’t think he is very bright. The other two should know better.

When Billy Enner  told me there wasn’t a Santa Claus, I instantly grew up and I hated him for it. I wasn’t ready for truth.  The terrible three are blaming Obama for making them grow up. He is their collective Billy Enner.  In other words they believe Obama has taken away their mythical childhoods and is making them grow up. For 8 years they had power, like a bully in Junior High. With the election last year, they graduated into high school (except for Hannity, he had to stay back) and their power has been usurped by a stronger force, truth. This is something bigger and more forceful.  They are no longer terrifying collectively and their gospel of fear is beginning to ring hollow. It took 8 long years to create their power and will probably take some time for their power to wane.  Like the “Toys-r-Us” kids  they “don’t wanna grow up.”

So when fear of growing up, losing power, fear of change or fear of the unknown exists then it is good to have the company of like minded people to lean on like a crutch. These people will pat you on the head and tell you you are right. They organize parties and call them tea parties. They invite all the other “Toys-r-us” kids, have a craft-time making scary signs of scary grown-ups and have at it all the while stamping their feet in the process going all wild West with guns.

What about us, the sane ones? The ones who are still trying to make this a better world with innovative ideas and a “different” approach to life as an adult? How do we counteract this pre-teen banter slagging from the fringe right.? Perhaps we could model what it means to be an adult and continue to call the kids on their falsehoods and fear mongering. Maybe we need to be the calming force in all the hot wind that blows through our air-waves and heats nothing. I think it is very patriotic to do so, but it takes effort. They are very loud and still think they are the “A” team from the 7th grade… But I do not think that we cannot sit passively by while the “kids” have the conch.