Isn’t it grand that Rush Limbaugh did NOT have a heart attack as was previously reported, but just had chest pains?  You betcha’ . Wait a minute, is he on vacation? in Hawaii? with the President? at this most serious of times with a shoe…er…Fruit-of-the-Loom Bomber on the lose? WHO”S MINDING THE STORE for God’s sake? If the president AND

Rush when we thought he had a heart

Rush are in the same place, does that wreck the space-time continuum thing? Perhaps we cannot see it, but there may be a tear in the very fabric of this country that is getting bigger and bigger by having these two on the same island. Someone call Al Gore. There’s a hole in the ozone right above Rush’s head. His three ex’s are looking for a handout…then there’s Daryn Kagan…but that’s another story…

But back to the meat of the weekend…An under pants bomber gets on a flight from Holland to Detroit. Yes you heard it right, Detroit and tried to blow up the Delta flight as soon as it crossed over into U.S. airspace from Canada which would have given him about 35 minutes to get his pants off, inject the explosives and blow up the plane just as it was coming in off the Lake. Thank goodness security was tight, I mean, the passengers were observant enough to jump the guy before and real serious damage could be done. Security? That’s a laugh. Not only were the dots not connected, they didn’t even have a crayon to connect them had they seen them. And where was Rush during all of this? In the freakin’ ER with chest pains. When I first heard he may have had a heart attack I thought, how is that possible, he has no heart. But I’m supposed to say we are thankful that he is doing fine and not wish ill on a human being, although the jury is still out on that last part.

In the Washington Post yesterday (Sunday) Steven Flynn (Stephen Flynn is the president of the Center for National Policy and author of “The Edge of Disaster: Rebuilding a Resilient Nation.”) and Irish of course, writes about the 5 myths concerning keeping American safe from terrorism.  It is a good easy read if you want to check it out here. One of his myths is “Getting control over America’s borders is essential to making us safer”. He proposes that attacks do not originate at our land borders, they originate at home and abroad. Travel documents of terrorists are in perfect order as was in the case of the shoe bomber and now, the under pants bomber. The argument about porous borders, he says, only works in political arguments…
Interesting point. Are Rush Limbaugh’s travel documents in order? Can we keep him in that ‘foreign’ land known as Hawaii? How about strip searched? Ewww, that  visual that will cause nightmares.
Keep up the good fight. It it sooo worth it.
And so it goes….