We’ll do it live! We’ll do it live!!

Only 2 more years until the end of the world as we know it. I know I can hardly wait. Although I thought the end of the world began in November of 2008 with the election,


well that’s what I’ve heard from the fringe.
Be that as it may, this 1st day of the new decade is a bit rainy here on the left coast north, which is fine. It is indoor time.

Seems like we make lists because we are starting a new day, like a glorified Monday.  These lists are what we are “going to do” as if we gave up in December of making any changes because, hey, well it IS the last month of the year what can I possibly do to make a difference now. So, here I am on a Friday, the 1st of January of 2010 and I too, have a list.  Want to see it? Well tough, switch sites, cause here ’tis…
In 2010:

  • find a place to live (which means selling the house)
  • Get more involved in social causes, EFF or Health Care
  • Find a job that pays OK and maybe is fun
  • Finish m video projects
  • Finish writing my damn book
  • Try investing in something
  • Publish

I know it isn’t very exciting like, loosing 600 pounds or learning the violin, but they are a start. These, I think are attainable and maybe even short term attainable…and so it goes…yet again. See you Monday