Peeking out from his “undisclosed location” Dick raises his breathy low-key voice to criticize President Obama about his lack of “concern”  for the so-called ‘war on terror.’ He believes that Obama doesn’t realize that the U.S. is engaged in this war. That he is “pretending” and not concerned about protecting us.  This growl comes out of the recent near-miss on the Delta flight from Holland.
Of course there is no seemingly concern for reassurance for us from the former V-P, just attacks on the ‘softness’ of liberals toward protecting the homeland and national security.

Guys and Guns...mmmm

Please, Dick! I guess he wants the usual Republican chest-beating and Braveheart cries of defiance that precedes “regime change” and invasion of countries suspected of having weapons of mass destruction.  The last time we did that, it went so well.
I can only speculate why Cheney has gone “off the rails” with these latest remarks.  Not only are they not helpful, they border on being urn-patriotic.  Instead of support for the president as we all supported GWB after 9/11, he chooses to go on the attack, not at terrorists, but at the commander in chief.  He complains that it took 3 days (72 hours) for the President to come out an say something to the country.  His memory is very short because his former boss took six days to make a statement, almost dismissive, after the shoe bomber was arrested after a failed attempt to blow up an airliner.
And his continuing complaint that this latest terror suspect will be tried in the U.S. and give rights under the constitution doesn’t jive with the shoe bomber’s, Richard Reid, trial and conviction here on U.S. soil. He is now in prison in Colorado.
I can only believe that Dick Cheney is suffering from RSMS, Republican Selective Memory Syndrome. This is a condition that is attributed in part by the truth. It seems that when truth and apparent hypocrisy is revealed, RSMS kicks in and a full-blown attack, not based in realty, comes out. Unfortunately, for the individual, there is no known cure for RSMS.  For us, the antidote for this debilitating illness is healthy doses of the truth.
It would be entertaining would it not be for the fact that Cheney speaks for a fringe that likes to dress up in camouflage, with scatter guns and accidentally shoots friends in the face. Cheney is a jester, he really can’t take himself seriously can he? Has his mind really gone? Jeeze I hope he runs for President someday. Wouldn’t that be fun?