The year that was

I am thinking of organizing this new blog into themes for the week. As we begin to shake the dust of the last decade from our feet, it is time to look forward to new adventures and new horizons and new socks.

From the stolen election of 2000 to a new president in 2009 and from the horrors of 9/11 through the Katrina debacle  and the unlawful invasion of Iraq we have slogged through and somehow, I’m not sure just exactly how, but we made it through. Then there’s the hangers-on, like Sarah “I quit!” Palin to the dark over lord, Cheney who cannot seem to be still, say no more and quietly return to the shadows. Oh yes, they still exist and comp[lain and criticize and offer no real new solutions.  They seem to live in a bubble of their own making and look into the mirror for support. Let us hope that Dick slithers back into the darkness that spawned him, until he can turn positive.  No, I am not listening.

What are your “new” things that you will be attempting this new year of 2010?