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Holy snow-angel, Batman, it’s getting colder! Ok, yes, there wasn’t much snow but the air was briskly frozeny (if that is really a word). I began January by wearing my thermals everyday. Back home in my flat I wasn’t sure where the heat came from but it was always toasty after a long afternoon and evening in the classroom. I’m sure the steam heat came from a central generation plant and it seemed to be on at just the right times and I was grateful for it. I even dried my clothes on the...

by Jo Mama on 24/07/2014


The Capital City, Prague…so this is what I missed when I arrived in the Czech Republic dazed and confused back in August. Why didn’t any one tell me I was walking away from the city center when I left the Hotel Terminus for a bit? Had I gone in the opposite direction, I would have stumbled onto Wenceslas Square and would not have arrived on a road to someplace else. Of course, being a guy, I never asked directions. So now, at Christmas it was time to make up for lost time, well not really lost...

by Jo Mama on 18/07/2014


Do you want to build a snowman? How can one gracefully slip and fall on the ice and pretend “I meant to do that” with any credibility and dignity? Walking across Jasenická Street to Kaufland market (a German hypermarket chain) I slipped and fell on the ice in the middle of the street. Did anyone stop and help? Nay nay, you’re on your own, bucko. Cars just drove around me and if they said anything either I didn’t hear it or I didn’t understand it. I slowly lifted myself off the snowy roadway,...

by Jo Mama on 12/07/2014


I think I am writing these things down so I don’t forget. I may be repeating myself from earlier accounts, but I am in a different place now. I am no longer there, I am here. As I said a while back, it is almost like I never left California to travel 7,000 miles to live and work in the Czech Republic. But the more I look at my pictures, the more I realize that they contain a lifetime of memories of people and places and food; of laughs and tears and knee surgery and language difficulties and surprises...

by Jo Mama on 09/07/2014


Fall also brought with it hiking and carrying on. These happened just at the beginning and the end of Fall. I remember our first hike a few days after I arrived in the Czech Republic to Vsacky Cab in the hills above Vsetín. The hike seemed longer than it actually was and I was delighted when we turned the corner and saw the lodge through the trees. But I managed. I was determined not to be the wimp on the walk. That honor should go to someone else. But everyone seemed to be in shape and no complaints...

by Jo Mama on 07/07/2014